4 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

A cup of tea may be a beverage you’d likely enjoy in whatever season in the year. Whether served hot or cold, drinking tea can help you be feel refreshed. However, there are more benefits that this simple beverage can offer.

Aside from providing you fluids that you need, some studies show the astonishing characteristics of tea that can be beneficial. Let me discuss to you today some of those benefits you’d be thrilled to know!

Lesser caffeine than coffee.

If you are worried about the caffeine in tea, then you can rest easy because it contains an inferior amount of caffeine than coffee. Herbal tea has no caffeine while the traditional ones have less than half of the caffeine in coffee. If you are deciding to include tea in your daily life rather than coffee, you can try chicory root tea which tastes rather similar to coffee or maybe even some matcha tea which offers a more fresh flavor.

Tea has antioxidants.

Antioxidants help battle free radicals which can do damage to our body if ignored. Every day in our lives we are exposed to various types of pollution that could make us more vulnerable to diseases. Drinking tea can help you get a better chance at avoiding such an unfortunate circumstance by providing you with antioxidants. Less processed tea such as white tea can give you a hefty amount of those antioxidants.

Reduce levels of cortisol.

Stress is not something uncommon in our modern life. The load of work, the schedules, the complicated relationships, and just about everything can make us feel under the weather. When we feel stressed, the stress hormone called cortisol is abundant which can cause some nasty effects in your body. You can quickly drop your cortisol levels buy enjoying a cup of tea. Not only would you help yourself to a much appreciated time for relaxation but also avoid spiking cortisol levels.

A remedy for allergies.

Sneezing and sniffing is not something you would want to do all day especially if you are participating in some events worth doing. A Japanese study from 2007 has discovered that polyphenol found in tea may help in reducing pollen allergies. An allergic response may also be lowered with the aid of quercetin, a naturally occurring flavonol in tea. You can even add honey to sweeten your tea and make the anti-allergy characteristic more powerful.

Now that you know some of the great benefits of drinking tea, it’s time to enjoy some brewed herbs and get a good start at health.

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